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The Art of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery combines the aesthetic sense of facial proportions with the need to maintain or enhance nasal function. This delicate balancing act depends on the surgeon’s detailed knowledge of nasal anatomy, physiology, and artistic sense. No other facial operation demands closer attention to detail or astute judgment about anticipated results.

The nose has the most variable anatomy in the human body. Thus, each patient presents unique circumstances that demand individual evaluation, surgical planning, and implementation. There are hundreds of surgical techniques described to perform rhinoplasty. It takes an experienced surgeon to properly evaluate a patient and determine the best methods to reach that patient’s goals. This is even more critical in revision rhinoplasty situations where altered anatomy, impaired function, and challenging aesthetic changes are present.

Developing a mature approach to rhinoplasty surgery takes years of concentrated surgical experience. A successful rhinoplasty surgeon should have the benefit of quality training and experience with thousands of rhinoplasty operations. Only with such a background can long-term predictable results become the norm rather than the exception. A constant pursuit of better techniques and surgical results should be the goal of your rhinoplasty surgeon.

Dr. Papel has performed thousands of rhinoplasty operations over the past 25 years. Many are complex revision operations, where patients are seeking a restoration of both aesthetic and functional normality.